PHP & MySQL Tutorial For Beginners

Course Description.

PHP is the best web development language in the world from so many years. It is gaining popularity day by day. More than 80% of the websites in the world are made in PHP. One of the example is Facebook. PHP with MYSQL database combine can give you the best website for your own business.
If you want to learn PHP this is the place for you. You can learn everything about PHP in no more than 13 lectures.

How is this course unique from there?

This course helped beginners as well as experts solving regular problems during coding. In this course you will learn all the basic functionalities for your regular use. This course is all about students who are willing to learn PHP.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to build a website that goes beyond the requirements of basic HTML and CSS.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to build an app that can handle data and interface with end users at the same time.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how MySQL can function as a database solution.
  • Anyone who wants to learn basic programming and development skills without days of digging through technical books.

Curriculum for this course

  • Introduction
  • Variables +Constant and Data Types
  • Arrays in PHP
  • Conditions and Operator
  • Loops
  • Forms submission and Request methods
  • PHP Sessions
  • Functions
  • Sending email with PHP
  • File Handling with PHP
  • MySql Database and SQL Insert Query with PHP
  • SQL Select and delete query with PHP
  • SQL Update  query with Login/Register setup
  • Pagination in PHP and JQuery  (2 lectures)
  • User Registration with email verification Process (3 lectures)
  • Generate PDF and Excel files using PHP

About the Instructor

Imtiaz Ahmed Mahar

ZEND Certified PHP Engineer, By Zend International Technologies , California, USA.

 About :

  I am a PHP, Laravel, Codeigniter, WordPress , C++, Java, Magneto ,HTML5, MVC, MySql, MS Access 2016 ,Ruby on rails , Data Structures, CSS, Operating Systems and more, Instructor  as well as web development instructor from last 10 years.

Experience as a Instructor 

17 Year Experience as a Teacher /lecture /I.T & Computer Science.
I taught and have been teaching to the Diploma , Graduation and Master Level of students in university and also diploma level institutes.
Currently I have been teaching in one of a famous and reputed university named  IBA University, Sukkur


Experience as Programmer/Developer.

 Besides the teaching I have been working as Programmer /Information Technology Wing as a permanent employee of a public sector organization Since 2002. I was appointed as a Programmer and then promoted to the next higher post step by step.





Course Information

Course Instructor

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Getting Started

Operators in PHP

if….Else Statements in PHP


MySQL and PHPMyAdmin

Arrays in PHP

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