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Unit-03 Tenses in English Language Grammar

Unit-04 Present Continuous Question Sentence

Unit-05 Present Simple Tense

Unit-06 Present Simple Negative

Unit -07 Present Simple Questions

Unit -08 Present Continuous an Present Simple

Unit-09 Have and Have Got and Haven’t

Unit-10 Was and Were

Unit-11 Past Simple

Unit-12 Past Simple Negative and Questions

Unit-13 Past Continuous Tense

Unit-14 Past Simple Continuous VS Past Simple Tense

Unit-15 Present Perfect

Unit-16 Present Perfect already, just and have

Unit-17 Present Perfect-03( Have you ever?)

Unit-18 How Long (Present Perfect-04)

Unit-19 For , Since and ago

Unit-20 Present Perfect VS Present Simple

Unit-21 Passive Voice

Unit-22 Passive(2)

Unit-23 Be Have and Do in Present Simple and Past Simple Tense.

Unit-24 Regular and Irregular Verbs

Unit-25 What are you Doing Tomorrow?

Unit-26 Present For Future

Unit-27 Will and Shall

Unit-28 Will and Shall-2

Unit-29 Use of Might In English

Unit-30 Can and Could

Unit-31 Must, Must’nt and do not need to be

Unit-32 Should

Unit-33- Use of “I have to”

Unit-34- Would You like

Unit-35 Do that Don’t do that Let’s do this

unit-36 I used to

Unit-37 There is and There are

Unit-38 There was or were there will be There Have been There has been

Unit-39 Use of “It”

Unit-40 I am and I don’t

Unit-41 Have you -Are you- Don’t You

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